Advancing the Revelation of Truth



These studies are based upon the need to understand the actions of God and man, during the imminent change from this present Administration of God's Grace to His next, that of His Kingdom in Israel 


The understanding is progressive, that is we do not regard these findings as final, reserving the right to add to their clarity as the results of Scriptural study allow. 

It is the intention to link these stages in order to build up the understanding logically. Each stage is illustrated by a chart, supporting the explanation graphically. A number of pages are not listed below, supporting studies are linked to the appropriate page. 

List of Pages.


The Pattern and Structure of sound words in the Scripture. The Godly and man made tools for the in-depthstudy of The God Breathed Word

Events in the early chapters of GENESIS explained and arranged in order.  Dating on the basis of Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks and the generation of Adam.

The Adam and his generation by God. The creation and adjustment of man in the service of God.

Who is Neanderthal man ?  The God formed man prior to his creation

Christian Individualism. The Christian Life Founded and Supported upon the intimacy of God alone. Man's responsibility is to God and His order. No mediators, Priests, Vicars, Pastors or Elders, except Christ alone.

The Important Characteristics of This Present Administration of God's Grace. A short description of God's present Administration of grace

What did God do after the Apostles work with Israel ended ?   A presentation examining Mysteries and Administrations leading to the understanding of an Administration which is a Mystery.

What was the result of Isaiah's condemnation of The Jews at Acts 28:26-28The details of God's process of change from His Kingdom in Israel to His present Administration of Grace.

The Revisions, which Affect the Doctrine of this Present Administration of God's Grace. A summary of the order of Paul's last seven letters, the new Christian Hope of this Administration, the timing and order of The Last Days, the Transitory periods beginning and ending this Administration.

The meaning of Jacob's life Span. An explanation of the meaning of the term 'The Last Days'.

The Relationship between Jacob's Life and Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks. The importance of the Book of Enoch in understanding God's plan for The House of Israel.

Introduction to the Summation of Biblical Dates. Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks related to the Biblical record by the ages of the Patriarchs and the years of the Jubilees. 

Summation of Biblical Dates from the sin of Adam to The Day of God. The Godly inspired references to all the time periods and life spans leading to the understanding of The Grand Plan of God for mankind.

The timing of the Universal Flood by the Patriarch's lives. Graphical details.

The timing of the Apostle Paul's Last Seven Letters. The relationship of these letters to the activities of Paul and his friends in the light of God's changes during the first Transition between The Kingdom in Israel and the introduction of the Administration of God's Grace

The Thorn in The Apostle Paul's Flesh. A proof according to the Scriptural meaning of the terms.

The meaning of the Greek word: analuO and its application in 2Timothy and Philippians. Understanding this word gives evidence for the order of Paul's last seven letters.

The apostle Paul's commissions. For the building up of the Kingdom in Israel, to the Gentiles before 65-66ad and continuing in the future. For the establishment of the Administration of God's Grace amongst all peoples.

The Apostle Paul's Dilemma. How God's plan for Paul was influenced by his refusal to avail himself of 'the upward calling', and how subsequent events in his life may lead to his influence in the second Transition. 

Concerning the fulfilment of Nebuchadnezzar's vision of the multi-metal image. A common error in interpretation

The Archangel Gabriel's statement to Daniel concerning the purpose of the Seventy Weeks. Their relationship to The Christ's announcement of His commission in the Nazareth synagogue.

The interpretation of Daniel's record of the Seventy weeks of years. 

The Houses of Judah- Israel and Ephraim-Israel. Their past, present and future condition. The importance of the Jubilees.

The lo-ammi period of The House of Ephraim-Israel. The time of its beginning and its end.

Concerning The Last Days. Their beginning, their delay and their end. All references together with their purpose and timing.

THE CHART. From the beginning of Christ's ministry to His  'parousia', His Second Coming.

The timing of God's Grand Plan revealed in the Scripture. From 'In the Beginning' to 'The Day of God'.

The Certain Hope for the Christian Today. The Hope of Christian's living in this Day of God's Grace

Help for the Evangelical Christian. For those Christians who perceive the inadequacies of their limited understanding of The God Breathed Word.

The correct Spiritual Food. The important diet for the present day Christian and particularly for those living to-day who will experience The Evil Day.

The Earth Power, [Gk: ta epigeia], during this present Administration of God's Grace. Its unlawful use by present day magicians presenting themselves as Christians.

The importance of the Greek prefix: epi  The 'coincidence' of its Godly mathematical importance.

The Babylon Captivity.  The Captivity of The House of Judah amongst the nations

Let my People Go. The new exodus of the tribes of Israel. The source and power of the resistance to this coming act of God

The Destruction of the Jerusalem Temples leading to the building of Ezekiel's Temple. The dating of these events

The Generations of Genesis. The use and divisions of Genesis with the Hebrew word 'toledoth' 

The Structure of God's family, The Chosen ones.

To withstand in the Evil Day. The events and timing of this day, i.e. one year, with the Christian's defence.

Correspondence regarding the sequential place of Paul's Second Letter to Timothy. Arguments relating to the correct timing of this letter.

Personal notes on the construction of Prophetic Faith. Personal character and developing understanding of the Scriptural revelation.

The Fellowship of His Sufferings. The experience of those who to-day are rejected by their fellow Christians who" fail to recognise and walk according to the present Godly Administration of His Grace.

The EONS of The Grand Plan. Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks applied to the events revealed from Genesis to Revelation.

The false ZION  of Esau and its downfall.  The source of all our trouble and its end.

The Hebrew Year as 2015ad. .  An extract from the magazine LAMP AND LIGHT issued for the months January and February 2014.

The Spiritual Significance of a 1960 Year Period. The duration of God's Administration of His Grace revealed in Ephesians chapter three.

The Speed of Light is not a constant. In the past higher speed controlled different Solar system conditions

When Iniquity was found in The Covering Cherub. An understanding of the time when it occurred based upon the details given in the previous page: The Speed of Light

The Transition Periods between God's Administration of His Kingdom and His Administration of His Grace

The Silence of God is designed to prove the faith of all Christians who, not having seen, are more blessed than those who have seen [John 20:29].

The Spiritual Significance of The Number FORTY tells us that  its Godly meaning varies according to its factors.

The Significance of God's Forty-Nine Year Timing applies from Genesis to Revelation.

When God uses the words: To Create, To Make, To Form   in Genesis. The meanings differ.

Self Reliance upon The Character of Academe is not conducive to Trust and Reliance upon God.

Events Leading to The Day of The Lord.

Resurrection Stages of The Lord Jesus Christ which led Him by The High Calling to be seated in The Rights of God

A New Translation of Gabriel's Statement to Daniel Concerning The Seventy Weeks Prophecy.

Our God ELOHIM is not ET. The Hebrew word syhla cannot be distorted to refer to an Extra Terretrial race.

To Understand when and why God Changes His Administrations of Life on Earth.

The Divine Structure of God's Human Family.

The Calling of The Mature Christian. The mature mind depends only upon God, 'that I might gain Christ

Dating The Events of God's Activities from 9732bc to 3009ad

The Recognition of God's Intelligence

The Way to Maturity. Leaving the sincere milk of The Word

Tarshish. A City in Spain.

A Brief History of Israel. The Judahites and the Israelites.

The Mind of Christ. Its application.

The Limited Understanding of The Twelve Apostles. Not applicable to-day in the present Administration.