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1.   On previous pages, the Enochian APOCALYPSE OF WEEKS has been included in our developing understanding of the works of God. This is a radical step to take, but has been accepted because our studies have led us to believe and accept the plan of these weeks. It forms a clear and precise base for the determination of the timing of all Scripture events. This is shown here. Those students of The Word of God who have sought to understand the dates and timings of such events have in the past been guided by such diligent scholars as Bishop Ussher and Dr. Bullinger, but they did not have the advantage of the precise and authoritative work of The Book of Enoch translated by R.H.Charles and therefore assumed that 4004bc is the date when Adam sinned.   

2.   Another fact which has influenced our conclusions is the existence of a long period of time between God's statement: 'In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth' and the following statement: ''And the Earth became without form and void' There is much evidence in the Christian Scriptures to support this understanding.

3.   The third fact which we have found to be of considerable importance is the need to recognise the transitory seven year period between the time when The Jews were condemned to Spiritual blindness and deafness in 62ad, and the momentous year 69/70ad when Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed by the armies of the Roman empire. During this period many important events occured. [1] As a nation, the Jews can no longer discern the Truth of their Scriptures, [2] The imminent Hope of a Kingdom of God in Israel with all its Spiritual blessings was postponed. [3] Following this postponement God introduced through the apostle Paul a new and unique Administration based only upon His Grace, an Administration under which we are still privileged to dwell in the present day. [4] The apostle Paul encouraged all believers to make a dramatic decision to leave behind all religious formalities in order to 'gain Christ' thus having a mind acceptable to The Calling on High. [5] The apostle John wrote his gospel which was copied and widely distributed [Ephesians 1:13-14]

It is recognised that during this Transitory period of seven years is the difference between the statements of Gabriel which draw attention to the seventy weeks being determined upon [a]. thy people [Acts 28:25-27], and upon [b]. thy holy city.[John 2:19]

Without the perception of the importance of these parameters that we believe God has expressed, much of the understanding outlined in the following article cannot, neither will it, be accepted. 

In the introduction to Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks, Mr.Charles, the translator and interpreter, points out that there are various interpretations of the amount of time occupied by the term 'week'. The consensus of opinion is that this term cannot represent a fixed period of time. The majority of critics do not recognise this present, unique and revealed Administration of Grace recorded only by The Apostle Paul in 69ad, seven years after the record of The Acts of The Apostles was complete. If the years for this secret Administration are taken into account the scale of events revealed by Enoch fall almost exactly into the corresponding dating of Bishop Ussher. There is a difference of only 128years between their dates for the year of Adam's sin. This is factual, providing that each Enochian week is taken as 700 years in length.....OR, to put it another way:

The translation of R.H.Charles shows an intelligent insight into the layout of these ten 'weeks', particularly with regard to their acceptance as 7000 years of history from Adam to The Day of God. It is evident however that the detailed description of the events in each week needs very careful interpretation even to the point of correcting some possible misplaced detail. Accepting these probable errors in the interpretation of the incomplete original manuscripts, does not reduce the authority of the timing of Ten Weeks of 700 years each. For other comments upon the authenticity of The Book of Enoch see here.

When considering these 7000years in the light of Bishop Ussher's dating, there are a number of remarkable coincidences highlighting the figure 147:

  • 147 is 3 Yobels of 49 years long, the age of Jacob.

  • 1470 years is 30 Yobels, the 30th Jubilee being the time that The Christ announced His commission in the Synagogue in Nazareth. This outlined His work in establishing The Kingdom of God in Israel.

  • 14700 years is 300 Yobels, the time between 'In the beginning' and 'The Day of God'.

[A 'Yobel' is 49 years. God chose this length of time as the period between the Jubilees of Israel, when the details given in Leviticus chapters 25 and 27 were to be enacted. However, the 49 year period is also used by God to determine the time between important events. The recognition of those events determined by this unit of time indicates the Hand of God in the affairs of men.]

Some examples of times based upon the Number of Yobels:

  1. 3 Yobels is the number of years of Jacob's life.

  2. 10 Yobels is the number of years occupied by the 70'weeks' prophesied by Daniel.

  3. 40 Yobels is the number of years of this present Administration of God's Grace.


This revelation given to Enoch, the seventh from Adam, spans the time from Adam's sin [causing sin and death to be born by all mankind] to the Day of God. It does not include God's creative and forming activity in the previous week. Nor does it include this present Administration of God's Grace which was 'hidden in God' until revealed to the Apostle Paul in 62ad.

When God had completed his work in that first week of creation, he said that He saw that it was Good. The sin of Adam and its consequences were not included, but occurred sometime afterwards.

This present Administration of God's Grace is added in Enoch's 10weeks at the point when Enoch states:

'And after that in the sixth week all who live in it shall be blinded, And the hearts of all of them shall godlessly forsake wisdom. And in it a man shall ascend; And at its close the house of dominion shall be burnt with fire, And the whole race of the chosen root shall be dispersed.'

This is the point in 69ad when Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed.

Through the sin of Adam, death entered upon all that God had created. This occurred sometime after the end of God's first seven days of Creation. Since God had referred to 'a week' for His creative acts upon the void and chaotic earth, it seemed reasonable to assume that the length of time for these activities of God would conform to those of the Enochian weeks, i.e. 700years the details of both being recorded about the same time. 

The difficulty of incorporating this period as seven 'days' of 100years per day lay in the reference to each 'day' being defined as 'morning and evening'. If we were to accept the conventional understanding of 'morning and evening' then the first week of the creation activity of God would occupy only 7 x 24 hours = 168 hours. This remained a serious problem until we recognised and agreed with the points raised in an article by Andrew Kulikovski at this address.

This article is published by the respected CREATION MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL and describes alternative meanings of 'morning and evening' based upon the context of its use in Scripture. He points out that the first three days of God's creative activity were worked without 'two great lights, the great light to rule the day, and the small light to rule the night', thus showing that there is more meaning in these first passages of The Book of Genesis than a conventional understanding would allow. Andrew Kulikovski's argument is worth your serious consideration.

From previous studies, it has been shown that the present Administration of God's Grace, by 2022ad, will have completed the remarkable period of 1960 years[49 x 5 x 8]. What period therefore would have to be added to 1960yrs to enable the pattern of 700years per Enochian week to remain viable?

As we know, God rested on the 7th day, the last 100years of the 'week', following the six 100year days of creativity. There is a residue of 140years needed to complete the multiples of 700year weeks following the pattern recorded by Enoch. At first we considered that this residue of 140years would have been added from the end of the 7th day to the time when Sin and Death entered upon this perfect creation:

  • The 'days' of creation [6 x 100yrs]..........................................600

  • The 'day' of God's rest [1 x 100yrs]........................................100...................

  • plus the years before sin and death entered [1/5 x 700].......140

  • plus these years of God's Grace [2 4/5 x 700]......................1960

  • would therefore total 2800years 4 x 700]..............................2800

The complete time therefore from when 'the earth became without form and void' to The Day of The God would be [14 x 700].....9800years.

Having now taken all these reasonable lengths of time into account, it left only the length of time between 'In the beginning' and 'The Earth became without form and void'.

The period of 9800years is 200 Yobels. It therefore seemed reasonable to conclude that 200[2 indicating incompleteness] being incomplete, 300[3 indicating completeness] would be the acceptable figure to satisfy a work of God. If so then the total time from 'In the beginning' to 'The Day of God' would be 300 Yobels i.e.14700 years. The realisation that the figure 147 had appeared in relation to Yobels, confirmed the correct understanding.

  1. 100 Yobels is the number of years between 'in the beginning' and 'the earth became void and chaotic'

  2. 200 Yobels is the number of years between 'the earth became void and chaotic' and 'The Day of God', therefore

  3. 300 Yobels is the number of years between 'In the beginning' and 'The Day of God'


In the initial article, reference is made to the period which opened our minds to the importance of the figure of 147, being three Yobels in length, the days of Jacob's life. Such coincidences cannot be ignored when the other lengthy periods of Yobels are revealed as listed above. The final underlying coincidence was the realisation that the timing of the 'Grand Plan', illustrated above, covered a period of 14700 years or 300 Yobels of 49years in length.

We have referred to 1960years being the length of time occupied by this present Administration of God's Grace. This period has been perceived on the basis of the importance of the 69/70ad date. However, in order to complete 200 Yobels for the period from the restoration of the Earth to the Day of God, a further 140years must be found. In the CHART shown above this period has been inserted between the end of God's Day of Rest [The 7th day of the 1st week] and the beginning of the generations, when God introduced death as the penalty for Adam's sin.

Although this is a convenient way of recognising these 140years, our attention has been drawn to the statement: 'Adam and Eve heard the voice of The Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day'. This time would be the morning after God's 'day' of rest. It is likely that The Serpent would have tempted Eve during this day of God's rest, thus leaving no substantial period in which 140 years would fit. We are now therefore inclined to the belief that these 140 years must be accounted for by either:

a.  adding them to the total of 1960years[5x8x7x7.....40 Yobels], thus delaying the removal of God's condemnation of Spiritual blindness and deafness upon the Jews by a further 140years, giving a total of 2100years. However, this is not a multiple of Yobels. Neither is the end date, 2162ad, remotely related to a significant Jubilee. The alternative b. is therefore more likely:

b.  recognising that they refer to another Administration of God, yet to be revealed, or, if already revealed, its relative importance has not yet been recognised.  With this in mind, the Scriptures were searched. 

The present Administration of The Grace of God, which we perceive as 1960years, was 'hidden in God' and defined by the Apostle Paul writing to the Ephesian Christians so:

Of this grace, I Paul, the bound one of Christ Jesus for you of the nations, Assuming that you surely hear of the administration of the grace of God, which is given to me for you. For, by revelation the mystery is made known to me,, me, less than the least of all saints, was this grace granted: to herald among the nations the good message of the untraceable wealth of Christ, Even, to enlighten all as to Godís Administration of the mystery, which has been concealed from the eons in God, Who creates all these, That, now to the sovereignties and the authorities among the most elevated may be made known, through the outcalled One, the manifold wisdom of God. In accord, with the purpose of the eons, which He makes in Christ Jesus our Lord, [Ephesians 3:1-11]

An Administration of God in which He heralds among the nations the untraceable wealth of His Grace.

This present period therefore, is determined in the Scripture as 1)  An Administration,  2)  A mystery, that is a secret revealed to those that God has chosen.....the ekklEsia, i.e the chosen ones. We ask ourselves where else is such an Administration referred to:

Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence; Having made known unto us(the outcalled) the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself: That in the Administration of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him.   [Resultant version Eph. 1:8]

An Administration in which all those among the heavens and those on Earth will be headed up in God.

This important Administration is revealed to us in these words. The time of its appointment is revealed in the meaning of the Greek word 'plErOma'....'fullness', which Thayer describes as:

 'that portion of time by which a longer antecedent period is completed; 

hence completeness or fullness of time'. 

'when the times are ripe for it'. Its duration is determined as 140years, this length of time being needed to satisfy the total of the 200 Jubilee periods between the beginning of God's act of re-creation upon the chaotic Earth and The Day of God. So the CHART above must be redrawn as follows:

Finally we would again draw your attention to the article....The Chart, in which we show the importance of the coming year 2022ad, the year in which the condemnation of Spiritual blindness and deafness upon the Jews will be cancelled, in preparation for the momentous 70th Jubilee.

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