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Summation of Biblical Dates relating to Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks

After studying the contents and the relationship of The Book of Enoch to the books of The God Breathed Word, The Bible, this writer has concluded that to avoid recognising their common basis of Godly inspiration in their original languages, is a gross error. However, at present, the translator's work has been limited to the use of Greek fragments of the original Hebrew text. This meticulous translation and interpretation is by R.H.Charles.

The content of each of these weeks is given in the verses of Enoch chapters 93.  As well as the events at the beginning and end of this Apocalypse, there is another event at the close of the sixth week which relates directly to an event described in other parts of The God breathed Word:

And after that in the sixth week all who live in it shall be blinded, And the hearts of all of them shall godlessly forsake wisdom. And in it a man shall ascend; and at its close the House of Dominion shall be burnt with fire, And the whole race of the Chosen Root shall be dispersed.

This statement relates to the condition of the Chosen Root....the Tribes of Israel, at the time of the prophets and the Macabees. The close of this week is defined by the ascension of The Christ, followed a few years later by the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple leading to the dispersion of the Jews, The House of Judah.

Using the dating determined by Bishop Ussher, the first attempt to equate these Biblical time periods with the outline given by Enoch in his Apocalypse of Weeks resulted in a shortfall of 52years.

Being convinced that the outline plan of Enoch's timescale is correct, it has been necessary to examine each time element in order to discover if Enoch's times were correct.  Two of the elements are known for their uncertainty:

1.   Previous studies based upon the supposition that the sin of Adam occurred around the year 4000bc, have concluded that the ministry of The Lord Jesus Christ commenced at the time of the 29th Jubilee. There is little doubt that His announcement in the synagogue, quoting the statement of Isaiah was made in a Jubilee year because of His presence in Nazareth at that time in 27ad......'the acceptable year of the Lord' [Luke 4:19]. However there is uncertainty regarding the actual number of of the Jubilee, 29.  From a numerological point of view the better number would be 30 [10 x 3], having the authority of ordinal perfection and The Godhead.     

Daniel's prophesy relating 70 weeks of years [10 Jubilees] to the city and people of Israel commenced at the time when The Christ began His ministry in 27ad.  The Second Coming, or parousia would therefore occur on the 39th Jubilee. This figure also seems to be inappropriate, the 40th [5 x 8] Jubilee being more acceptable for such an important event, therefore the dating base figure of the 30th Jubilee at the beginning of The Christ's ministry in 27ad, has been accepted. 

Applying this conclusion is confirmed by the fact that in Gabriel's statement to Daniel, the first seven weeks are separated from the following sixtytwo........'seven weeks, three score and two weeks',  Why did Gabriel simply not say....three score and nine weeks ?  We now know that the first seven weeks are separated from the sixtytwo for the purpose of the introduction of The Kingdom of God in Israel by the ministry of The Christ working with His apostles. Part of the separated 7 weeks of years have passed between 27ad and 62ad [35 years], when the Jews were Spiritually blinded. 14years remain.

After the completion of the first 35 years, God imposed the loss of Spiritual understanding upon the Jews. This imposition lasts 1960 years [40 Jubilees]. The nations have benefited  during this period by being the source of God's Salvation and experiencing His Administration of Grace. It also lasts for 1960 years. See item 3 below.

Therefore in 2022ad the Jews will regain their Spiritual understanding and in the remaining 14 years of the first 49years all Israel will be gathered by 2036ad, at the 80th Jubilee, when the resurrected King David will be re-established upon the throne of Israel. The details of this are shown on the charts below.

2.   There is considerable uncertainty concerning the number of years from the time that the Israelites crossed the  Jordan into The Land, to the occasion when they were able to make the first planting of their seed at the opening year  of the first Jubilee. When considering the length of time for the battles to clear the land of its existing occupants, seven years seemed to be appropriate. Scripture does not state a figure for this period, although it does for every other item in the list. For this reason, I believe that the time taken for these battles followed by the allotting and occupying of the land between the 12 tribes could easily have taken 10 years.

3.  The third element was not known to Enoch and therefore was not included in his Apocalypse of Weeks. This is the length of time occupied by the present Administration of God's Grace. This is known to be 1960 years [49 x 40], ending at the phanerOsis of Christ in 2029ad.

One of the passages which reveals this Administration is given in Ephesians chapter 3 verses 2, 3, 8, and 9. There are two mysteries referred to. The parenthetical part of this passage includes verses 4 to 7, concerning the acknowledgement of the Deity of The Christ, [even as the Apostle Thomas did] and is known as The Messianic Mystery. It was not published abroad during The Christ's first parousia.  

The mystery at the beginning and end of this passage [verses 2, 3, 8, 9.] relates to an Administration [gk: oikonomia],  The Administration of The Grace of God. It  was revealed to Paul shortly before he wrote the following words in his letter to the 'Ephesians'. Prior to that, as it says, it was 'hidden away from the eons in God'. 

4.  Enoch was also unaware of the fourth element, The Administration of The Fullness of Times., which God introduces before The Day of God. It is the last item in the list below and was revealed also by the apostle Paul [Ephesians 1:10]. The number of years required for this Administration, together with the 1960 years of the third item above, plus the years of the last four weeks of Enoch's Apocalypse [4 x 700] must total 4900 years being one third of the number of years between 'In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth' and The Day of God. See The Grand Plan of God. Thus this fourth element has a time span of 140years [2800 + 1960 + 140]

The chart below shows firstly the condition conforming to Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks and secondly the extended Apocalypse with the two additional Administrations revealed only to the apostle Paul in 65ad.


Summation of Biblical Dates from the sin of Adam to The Day of God





   B.C. and A.D. YEARS




One week Forming and Creating the Earth prior to Adam's sin and rejection from the garden

[700] [700] [4832]  

Sin of Adam

0 0 4132

Genesis 3:6



Sin of Adam to birth of Shem

1558 1558 2574

 See table 

2 x 19 x 41

Birth of Shem to birth of Jacob

550 2108 2024


4 x 17 x 31

Birth of Jacob to his entry into Egypt

130 2238 1894 Genesis 47:9 2 x 3 x 373

Jacob's entry into Egypt to The Exodus

400 2638 1494 Genesis 15:13 49 x 54 = 2646

The Exodus to the entry into The Land

40 2678 1454 Joshua 5:6  


Entry into The Land to the First sowing of seed when the Jubilee periods begin. Elimination of evil occupants.

10 2688 1444 bc

Leviticus 25:    2-4

Establishing a foundation. Ordinal Perfection This date 1444bc coincides with that of Bishop Ussher  

  The First Coming of Jesus Christ   4128

12 x 43

4 bc Luke 2:6-7

THE LAST DAYS commence


The sowing of seed at the commencement of the Jubilee period to the 30th Jubilee

30 x 49 years

1470 4158

27 ad


25: 8-12

From Adam's sin to Christ's Crucifixion is 4158+2=4160yrs[8 x 13 x 40]


Jubilee 30 [27ad] to Temple destruction [69ad] [Close of Enoch's Sixth Day]

42 4200 69

Matthew 24:2 Luke 21:6 Josephus

Total to this point  4200years exactly

6 x 7 x 10 x 10


Transition between The First Phase of The Temple Destruction. and the Time of the introduction of The Spiritual Blinding of The House of Judah

-7 4193 62

Acts  28: 26  



Years occupied by The Spiritual Blinding of The House of Judah....62ad to 2022ad

1960 6153 2022


   The Present Administration of God's Grace runs from 69ad - 2029ad 1960yrs

  Transition between the return of Spiritual Sight to The House of Judah and The Second Phase of The Temple Destruction. +7 6160 2029

Luke 21:6


7 x 8 x 10 x 11

  The resurrected King David issues the edict to restore and rebuild Jerusalem +7 6167 2036

Daniel 9:25

This concludes the first seven weeks of Daniel's prophesy.

  The Second Coming of Jesus Christ 441  6608 2477


= 520 years



2480yrs. from the 1st to 2nd coming of The Lord Jesus Christ: 8 x 10 x 31


Enoch's 7th Week commences in 2029ad

700 6860 2729

Enoch 93:9


Enoch's 8th Week

700 7560 3429

Enoch 91:12


Enoch's 9th Week

700 8260 4129 Enoch 91:14  

Enoch's 10th Week

700 8960 4829 Enoch 91:15

2 x 7 x 8 x 8 x10


  The Administration of The Fullness of Times

140 9100 4969ad

Ephesians  1:10

   From the sin of Adam, total to this point = 9100 years.

7 x 10 x 10 x 13    




The True summation occupies:






The TOTAL TIME for this period from 'The Earth was without Form and Void to The Day of God.


[9800 years]



NOTE:  Details of the Patriarch's lives at the time of the Universal Flood are given HERE.

The information above is now placed on a time line in the following chart. This shows the two periods of 4900 years leading up to and from the end of the Enochian 6th week. 

1.  Students seeking to interpret Enoch's Apocalypse, have been unable to agree on the length of each 'week', although the obvious solution is 700years. Their failure to recognise this has been caused by their lack of understanding of the Apostle Paul's letter to the 'Ephesians' and its timing. He states that the following two Administrations were hidden in God, the first from the Eons,  until given to him to reveal [69ad].  

  • The first addition, extending the second time period from 2800years to 4760years, is the present Administration of God's Grace which began in 69ad. This Administration is shown as 1960 years in length, based upon the two factors....49 and 40, both of which have important meanings.

  • The second addition then extends the time period from 4760years to 4900years. It is the Administration of The Fullness of Times. This Administration is shown as 140years in length based upon the three factors......4, 5 and 7.   

When the times for these two periods are added to the weeks of the Apocalypse, the meanings of the events described in its verses aligns with the prophetic statements of Scripture, i.e. the Biblical Record. This makes the time for the second period to be 4900years.

2.  Enoch's writings were recorded approximately 1000 years after the seven 'days' of the earth's reformation and creation, shortly after the death of Adam, who was alive during Enoch's early years.. 

  • It is probable therefore that he chose the word 'week' to have the same significance as that of his apocalypse. Thus the first time period is also 4900 years.

Because the two periods, [1] Daniel's 70 weeks and [2] The Last Days, play such an important part in understanding God's activity before and after this present Administration of His Grace, the following two charts have been drawn to explain their relationship.

The following chart shows the changes brought about by God's insertion of the 1960 years of this present Administration of Grace. It is important to understand that the start and restart of The Last Days period does not coincide with this Administrations start and restart dates.  The Last Days period begins when The Christ began His Ministry in 27ad and restarts in 2022ad, seven years earlier than the end of this Administration. This length of time coincides with that of the prophesy of Gabriel to Daniel concerning the 70 weeks upon The  People and The Holy City......490 years [35 + 455].  490 is 40 x 49:

40   is frequently used in Scripture, always being associated with a period of probation, trial and chastisement. It is the product of 5 and 8, pointing to the action of Grace [5], leading to and ending in revival and renewal [8].

49   is the number of years between Jubilees when every Israelite must return to the place directly associated with their particular tribe [Leviticus 25:8] It is made up of seven times seven years, each seven years ending with a Sabbath, which is a year of rest. The seventh Sabbath is a Jubilee when liberty is proclaimed throughout the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof.  Multiples of 49 years are also recognised in  periods of time between important events, in this case between the Spiritual blinding and deafening of The House of Judah in 62ad and its return to Spiritual understanding in 2022ad.

Notice also that the initial 7 weeks of Gabriel's prophesy is split into two parts, 5weeks and 2weeks. In the future 2weeks[14 years], the true tribes of Judah-Israel and Ephraim-Israel will be gathered and enter their Land.

Also, note that the restart week of The Last Days leads to the end of this Administration of God's Grace. It is a  transition period of seven years, the last of which is referred to by Paul as 'The Evil Day' [Ephesians 6:10 to 19]. It is during this 'day' in particular that the full meaning of these verses will become apparent.

The following charts give confirmatory factors of the datespans of God's workmanship upon the Children of Israel.

  • THE LAST DAYS began at the birth of Jesus Christ and will last for 520 years. After 65 years, when the Jews were Spiritually blinded and deafened in 62ad, they were temporally halted. They will begin again when this present Administration of God's Grace is concluded in 2022ad. They will therefore end in 2477ad at the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. The 520 years are the equivalent to the last 17years of  Jacob's life when he, his wife and his sons were succoured in Egypt during the famine of 1895bc.

  • The length of years of each of these periods is noted by the factor of 40 which is a period of probation, trial and chastisement applying to The Jews.

The following chart spans the time from The Sin of Adam to The Day of God. It shows their spans had God NOT decided to delay the introduction of His Kingdom in Israel because of the intransigence of the Jews in not wholeheartedly receiving their true king, even The Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Had God not introduced the present Administration of His Grace, from the year of God's first promise to Jacob, to the Great Day of God would have been 4984years, the second advent would have occurred exactly half way through that period in 2477ad.

  • Jacob's years are 147. At each Jubilee span of 49 years God intervenes in his life, first to confirm that the promises made to Abraham and Isaac would continue with him, and secondly to contend and wrestle with him, succeeding only by throwing his hip out of joint and afterwards changing his name to Israel.

  • Enoch's Apocalypse of Weeks is timed as ten weeks of 700years per week, totalling 7000 years. The additional Administration of The Fullness of Times was revealed to us being recoded in the apostle Paul's letter to the 'Ephesians'.  Together with the1960 years of the 'hid in God' Administration of His Grace, these two periods total an additional three weeks of years making 2100years.

  • Had God accepted the Jews in 62ad and initiated His kingdom in 76ad, the chart shows that 2492 years would have elapsed between His promise to Jacob and His Second Advent. The factors of this period are 7.4.89. The factor 89 extends from the number 17 indicating both spiritual and ordinal perfection. 

  • We know that this did not happen because God needed to introduce a period of time in which He could demonstrate the character of His Grace to all peoples besides sentencing His people, the Jews to a term of Spiritual blindness and lack of understanding. [see Acts 28:27 and Ephesians 3:2,8,9] As we have already shown this period within which we now dwell is to last for 1960 years, ending in 2022ad. The remarkable proof of this addition is shown in the extended time span: 2492 + 1960 = 4452 years, the factors of which are again 4.7, but with 13.13.  This emphasised factor of 13 in the extended period of 4452 years indicates its judgemental character upon God's children, the Jews

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