Advancing the Revelation of Truth


From the beginning of Christ's ministry at the synagogue in His home town of Nazareth to His 'Second Coming'.

Declared by Gabriel to Daniel.

As with all understanding of Scriptural events, these activities have come to be known gradually, adding and testing piece by piece, until it has now become possible to express the result in CHART form. It has been increasingly understood over a period of perhaps thirty years and is based upon much background study and understanding which cannot be illustrated.

The notes which follow attempt to show the stages by which understanding was gained. Some of these points have been better explained by other students of The Word of God, these therefore will be referred.

There is no better place to start than at the beginning, but where is the beginning? The more we consider our relationship with God, the more difficult the answer to this question becomes. So we have decided to accept this first point at the event that most Christians would accept.

1. God expresses Himself in our lives through our trust and belief in the activities of The Lord Jesus Christ, particularly that concerning His sacrificial act and His resurrection. If this is misapplied, then God's Spirit, or intelligence, is not present and He tells us by His Word that 'If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His'. This regenerative act is described in a multitude of writings, but is best received in that which was written by God Himself for the purpose....The Gospel written by The Apostle John.

2. After gaining this intelligence, a deep and personal relationship is formed with the Expression of God. This lays on our hearts responsibilities which are manifested in many ways. In this study we are concerned with that which impels a believer, through the love of His Lord, to understand what God has said regarding our present and future relationship with Him.

3. Many Christians to-day whose foundation of belief is True and Right, accept a rather casual and elementary understanding of the New Testament, by not discerning the important change in God's activities when the Jews, as a nation, ceased to be the source of His Salvation. After this change, the Apostle Peter himself said that some of the writings of Paul are 'hard to be understood',  but by this confession he recognised their authority. It is in these writings that we find the revelation concerning this present period which God calls 'The Administration of His Grace' [Ephesians 3:2. Colossians 1:25]. This is the period in which the Nations are now the source of God's Salvation. 

This change is described in Paul's letters which were written some years after the time of the closure of Luke's record of the Acts of the Apostles. This initiated the present Administration. However, Scripture tells us that at a future point of time, Salvation will return to be 'of the Jews'. Thus we can illustrate the elementary beginnings of our CHART:


4. Following this realisation we became impressed with the importance of all the activities surrounding the change in 62ad, when God's dealings with mankind took a dramatic turn. This change covers the period during and immediately following, the Apostle Paul's statement before the Jews at Rome recorded in the 28th chapter of the Acts. It extends to the time when Israel's occupying power, the Empire of Rome, was provoked to destroy Jerusalem and The Temple in 69/70ad. Thus we have a period of seven to eight years in which a number of the New Testament epistles were written in the knowledge of the Spiritual blinding and deafening of the Jews. In these years and after, the Jews are no longer the centre of God's attention. All nations now benefit from an Administration of God's Grace alone. At present, God is no longer concerned with His Kingdom in Israel.

There follows a list of these eight letters, seven of which were written by Paul, with one by Peter:

      1 Timothy    'Ephesians'     Philippians     2 Timothy 

       Colossians       Philemon      Titus         2 Peter

5. During the first seven years of this period, there were many Jewish and a very small number of Gentile believers whose who found that The Kingdom of God in Israel, to which they belonged was no longer imminent. A few years earlier the Apostle John had written to all of the diaspora stating:  Little children, it is the last hour: and as you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know it is the last hour.[1John 2:18]  There had been great expectancy of The Christ's imminent act of restoring His authority in Israel.  All the Jewish Christians together with the few Gentile Christians at that time, needed help and reassurance, even as those believers to-day who continue to hold to the doctrine of the Acts period. The letter to Titus with the first letter to Timothy were written to instruct them in their need to do this. Elders and Deacons were to be chosen with human care and assessment, no longer would God choose them by lot as He did during the build up of The Kingdom in Israel. 

Peter writes to encourage the Saints and warn them of what is to come. Many evils will appear, their origin and purpose are described. The Last Days are referred to as a future event, no longer were The Last Days present as they had been during the Acts Period. However, Peter's concern for Israel's welfare impels him to describe the activity in those future days.

Paul's Second letter to Timothy was written to encourage him in his faith, telling him that he had need of his help and his presence. He explains to Timothy, his mind at the completion of his course, i.e. the end during those seven years of his first commission which God had initiated when He met him on the Damascus Road. He has much to consider concerning the new relationship between God and those that love Him. It is essential therefore that he receives the parchments, but particularly the copies of the Scriptures.

Later, Paul wrote, with Timothy, to the loving and supportive Philippian church after the termination of his first commission, explaining his mind and need for a new relationship with Christ Himself, rather than that which he had inherited as an Israelite. He had a choice to make between being 'loosed back' [gk: analuO]to be with Christ or to stay for the benefit of his friends, particularly those at Philippi. As we know, he chose the latter.

After Timothy arrived, and because of Paul's decision to stay, in his effort to understand what God required of him, he received from God the revelation of this present Administration. Afterwards, this required a new commission, causing him and Timothy to write to newly converted Christians whom he had not met, in Asia,  Ephesus and Colosse. These Christians had recently received the newly published Gospel of John, written for us all to believe that Jesus is The Christ, The Son of God; and that believing we might have life through His Name. He informed them of his revelation concerning this previously secret Administration of God's Grace, hidden even from the Spiritual hierarchy, telling them its meaning and their responsibilities. The personal letter to Philemon, written and dispatched at the same time as that to Colosse, illustrates Paul's deep concern for his friends in that place, showing in lesson form our need to give Paul, our apostle, our full attention.

Knowing these facts enables us to form the correct sequence in which these letters were written during the period at the commencement of this present Administration. The importance of this will become apparent as we proceed:

6. Next, we were introduced to a very important fact, one which came to influence the whole layout of future events. We recognised that the events described by Gabriel's prophetic statement to Daniel concerning the 70weeks of years, was initiated by Christ when He was given the Isaiah Scripture in his home synagogue in Nazareth.  Six conditions were to be fulfilled during the coming seventy weeks [490yrs.]. That year in 27ad was a Jubilee, and, as we now know, the 70weeks were cut short in 62ad when this present, new Administration of God's Grace began. Gabriel's prophetic statement specifically concerns the House of Judah, i.e. The Nation of The Jews, because Daniel was a prophet to the House of Judah. Daniel tells them that the 70weeks are determined: [1] upon thy people and [2] upon thy Holy City. 

In 62ad The Jews were Spiritually blinded and deafened, being left without Spiritual understanding, as they continue to be to-day. A few years later they were scattered throughout the world when both Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed in 69/70ad. Because of this the introduction of the Kingdom of God amongst The Jews, was postponed.  The established ekklEsias of the Jews were instructed concerning this change but chose not to accept the details of Paul's new commission as he reported: 'those in Asia have forsaken me'. They had not forsaken the Gospel, only the revelation of Paul's new God given commission. Following this, the new order of God's Grace amongst the Nations, grew in strength. This has become known as the Transition period. This action takes place in one 'shemittah', that is a Jewish time period of 7years. Seven such periods make up the time between one Jubilee and the next. The Jubilee occurring in the first year of the next Shemittah. The span of time of the six Shemittahs between Christ's Nazareth proclamation and the Temple destruction can be shown as follows:

7.  Had Gabriel's prophesy 'upon your people' and 'upon your Holy City' been temporally ended or postponed at the same time, the Transition period would not have been so obvious. There was however a 7/8 year gap between the end of the two actions. Looking forward to the completion of the 70weeks, compels us therefore to recognise that there will be a corresponding Transition period when God's action, Spiritually blinding and deafening of the Jews is cancelled and their Spiritual understanding restored[Isaiah 35:4-5]. The Light which is given to them at this time[Isaiah 60:1-2] will enable them to perceive the reality of their Messiah, i.e. The Lord Jesus Christ. The remaining periods of the 70weeks, '65weeks upon your people' and '64weeks upon thy Holy City', will end with the Second Coming of their Messiah, The Lord Jesus Christ.

8. At this point another fact became clear. The period of The Last Days will end at the same time as the 70weeks of Gabriel's statement, i.e.  at the Second Coming, or parousia of The Christ. All references to the Last Days made during the period from the 30th Jubilee in 27ad to 62ad, are in the present tense, i.e. those Christian Jews living at that time recognised that the Last Days were present. References in epistles written after that time, are looking forward in the future tense. See below: 

There are 19 references throughout Scripture which tell of the conditions in The Last Days. It was now clear that these describe the conditions determined by God during the 70weeks of Gabriel's statement. Here are some of the events which will occur in this period:

  1. Christ will make Himself known to all mankind. 

  2. God's Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh.

  3. Nebuchadrezzar will be the ruler, 'wheresoever the children of men dwell

  4. King David will rule as Prince in an enlarged land of Israel. 

  5. The Houses of Israel, Ephraim and Judah will be united and live at peace. 

  6. Jerusalem will be restored and a new Temple built.  

  7. All the tribes surrounding Israel will be judged. 

9. Consideration was given to the coming, remaining period of The Last Days/70weeks of years. We now know it will recommence with another Transition period and end with the 'Second Coming' of The Christ. During the first Transition period, one particular statement concerning the restart of The Last Days makes reference to the outburst of demonic activity occurring at the end of this present corrupt world order. At the same time God removes the Spiritual blindness and deafness from Israel and the 70weeks restart. It will conclude when Christ is manifested, i.e. when the mind's of all men are enlightened. This statement is written as follows:

But this know thou, that in the last days perilous times will be present; for men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, vaunting, proud, evil speakers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, implacable, slanderers, incontinent, savage, not lovers of good, betrayers, headlong, puffed up, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; having a form of piety, but the power of it denying: and these turn away from. For of these are those who are entering into houses and leading captive silly women laden with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to knowledge of truth.

Now in the way Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, thus also these withstand the truth, men utterly corrupted in mind, found worthless as regards the faith. But they shall not advance further, for their folly shall be fully manifest to all, as also that of those became. [2Timothy ch.3 vs.1 to 9. Literal Translation]

Although many present students of the Word of God claim that this passage describes the complete condition of society to-day, we cannot agree. The opening sentence implies demonic activity, because of the use of the greek word 'chalepoi' translated here as 'perilous'. This word is used in only one other place in the N.T. in Matthew 8:28, where it describes 'two possessed by demons', but for this prophesy to be fulfilled, ALL conditions must be present. The Truth is not yet being withstood in the way described. We understand that world plans are made for this however, known by the code word 'Blue Beam'. We have seen the beginnings of the demonic 'charasmatic' activity in 'churches'[houses] under the name of Pentecostalism and 'The Toronto Blessing', but have yet to experience the full flow in the character of the men described. These characteristics, entering like a flood in abundance, will be demonically generated. The Pentecostal and Charismatic movement in the churches to-day are the source of acceptance of this future flow of demonic activity.

When the Last Days recommence, God's manifest activity will be opposed by an abundance of demonic activity. This occurs at the reintroduction of the remaining period of The Last Days/70weeks of years. It will be activated during the first seven years, culminating in what Paul describes as 'The Evil Day' [Ephesians 6:12-13], a year when the abundance of demonic activity will seek by deceitful means to turn all men from The Truth. At the end of This Evil Day, by he manifestation['phanerOsis'......(Colossians 3:4)] of Christ, when all people will know Who He is, it will end.  The following years will see the activities listed on the diagram below. Eventually, the increasing corruption will result in Israel's resurrected King David being 'cut off' and 'an overspreading of abominations'[Daniel 9:27] Enoch describes this period in this way:

  'An apostate generation shall arise and many shall be its deeds and all its deeds shall be apostate'. 

To sum up......Both The Last Days and Gabriel's prophesy of the 70weeks will be brought to an end at the same time, by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

10. If this present Administration of God's Grace had NOT been implemented, The Last Days/70weeks of years would NOT have been divided. It would have been a single period running from the first to the second Advent of the Messiah. The manifestation of The Messiah, i.e. Jesus Christ, would have occurred before the 31st Jubilee. Herod's temple would still have been destroyed to make way for the new Temple. The dates of the Jubilees and Shemettahs would have been as follows:



11. If God had not introduced His present Administration of Grace in 62ad, The Lord Jesus Christ's Second Coming or parousia, would have occurred in 517ad i.e. 10 jubilees[490yrs.] after the declaration by Christ himself in the synagogue at Nazareth in 27ad. At the 31st Jubilee, seven years later, a new beginning would have been established by the enlightenment and uniting of Israel with 'power' in the 'pouring out of The Spirit'.

As we now know, non of this occurred because God had need to express His Graceful character to the whole of mankind, even to the whole of creation. This has been our great privilege and blessing over the last 1900 years.

12. Enlightened Christians to-day are asking themselves: 'When will God intervene in Justice and re-establish His promised Kingdom in Israel?' They will have recognised that it is not until many years later, during The Day of The Lord, that The Kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ [Revelation 11:15]. We see around us an abundance of evil activity. We are perceiving the coming fulfilment of the conditions described in Paul's letter to Timothy and, as promised, we await the restraining act of God.

We saw above the possible fulfilment of God's promises concerning the establishing of His Kingdom in Israel at the 31st Jubilee. We ask ourselves: 'At what point in the future could this be truly fulfilled'. At what Jubilee celebration would God most likely choose to reintroduce His Kingdom? The 40th[566ad], 50th[1056ad] and 60th[1546ad] have passed. The 80th[2526ad] lies well in the future. We know that God would have chosen the 31st Jubilee, the first after His Son announced His commission in the Nazareth synagogue and proclaimed The Kingdom of God in Israel.

That was not to be however, because the mind of the Jews was not united in receiving their King [Acts 28:17-24]. Had they done so, the manifestation of their Messiah would have occurred at the time of the 31st Jubilee [Isaiah 60:1]. This intervening period of God's Grace, ending after 1960years will have moved the manifestation from the 31st to the 71st Jubilee in 2036ad. From the 31st to the 71st is 40 Jubilees, i.e. 1960years. The factors of this number are: 49 x 8 x 5. This time of God's Grace is characterised by

  •  7 x 7   emphasised spiritual perfection, [a Jubilee period]  

  •    8   resurrection / regeneration, the giving of Life

  •    5   through unmerited favour, this Administration of The Grace of God

These factors help us to understand this period in another way by looking at it from Israel's point of view: 49 x 40.

  •   49  deliverance and rest

  •   40  a probationary period of patient endurance

Is this not exactly what God is doing at this time? For this to be so, we must agree that God will intervene in the very near future, reversing his condemnation of the Jews in Rome in 62ad, recorded at the end of the book of Acts, by removing their Spiritual blindness and deafness 1960 years later in 2022ad [Isaiah 35:4-5].

Because these dates are founded upon the time periods that God has established, the Jubilees and Shemittahs, we believe there is a strong possibility that God will act at this time and that the rapid increase of evil in the world is an omen of The Deceiver's determination to resist any action of God. We have God's promise however, that there is a limit to this evil: 'They shall proceed no further'.

13. So, let us now consider the full chart:

a. Because of the Transition Shemittah which lies between 62ad and 69ad, there needs to be a corresponding Shemittah Transition between 2022ad and 2029ad. As the first was initiated by the Spiritual blinding and deafening of The Jews in 62ad after 5 weeks of years, so the reversal of that condition will initiate the re-commencement of Gabriel's 70 weeks of years, introducing the remaining 65 weeks of years. This will be the start of the second Transition in 2022ad.

b. Because the introduction of this present Administration of God's Grace was 'hid in God' until the end of that first Transition, Satan would have been unprepared. Not so when God intervenes and reverses His condemnation of the Jews in the near future, Satan will be fully prepared as the many present covert activities indicate.

c. Solomon's and Herod's Temples were both destroyed in the same month, on the same day, the 9th of Ab. Is it not possible that David's threshing floor will be cleared on the same day, in preparation for the building of a new Temple in the coming period of the Kingdom of God in Israel. The present Dome of The Rock would have to be destroyed in order for this to be done. See here. The present wailing wall, the remains of Herod's Temple, must also be destroyed in order to fulfil Christ's prophesy: 'Not one stone shall remain upon another'

d. At the time of the phanerOsis of Christ, several acts of God will occur:

  1. The Life of God will be manifest in believer's having that Hope.

  2. Mankind will be enlightened by the manifest reality of The Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Counterfeit of The Truth will cease. 

  4. The falsity and foolishness of man's World Order will be plain for all to see. 

  5. The House of Judah, the Jews, will again be fully enlightened. 

  6. The unifying of the House of Judah and the House of Ephraim will commence. 

  7. God will assume His rule of Israel from heaven through the resurrected King David.

  8. God will establish a resurrected King Nebuchadrezzar to rule 'wheresoever men may dwell'.

e.  2001ad marked the rise of the evil organisation of Zionism. The true Jews, i.e. the House of Judah however, are beginning to recognise that this organisation is false, not having the true aspirations of Judaism as expressed in the Torah. It is known that the leaders of this movement are not even Jews, but members of the House of Esau, i.e. the princes of Edom. This generation of Esau has flowed down through the ages always seeking to control the affairs of Israel, in a persistent attempt to regain the blessing that Esau forfeited.

f.  The Spiritual blinding and deafening of the Jews will be rescinded by God in 2022ad, i.e. 40 Jubilees[1960yrs] after the act took place, the 2nd coming of The Christ will take place exactly 50Jubilees[2450yrs] after Christ's proclamation in the Nazareth synagogue at the time of the 30th Jubilee. This completes the period of the 70weeks of years[490yrs] prophesied by Gabriel to Daniel.

g. The Last Days period began at the birth of The Christ, His first parousia.[see this page] They will end at His second parousia when He is present to establish his rule over all mankind. There are 19 references throughout Scripture which tell of the conditions in The Last Days. It is now plain that these actions are coincident with the 70weeks of Gabriel's prophesy [see this page]. Some of the events which will occur during this period are listed on the diagrams. 

h. The hope of Christians to-day is the manifestation of the glory of The Christ, when they also will be manifest in His glory, when all men will be given to know and to recognise that The Lord Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh: 

When The Christ, our Life, may be manifested, then also you with Him shall be manifested in Glory. [Col. 3:4]

Resurrection is not in view because Christians today have already shared in the resurrection of The Christ [Eph 2:6]. They will be raised to a higher Spiritual level to become Sons of God. The Apostle Paul will not share this manifestation at that time, more likely he will be active amongst his own people, the House of Judah, from the time that their Spiritual blinding and deafening is rescinded [Isaiah 35:4-5].


14.  Here then is the full CHART, illustrating all the points made above. It spans the period known as The 70 weeks of Years,  that period which Gabriel told Daniel would last until the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ, His personal presence in power. It began in 27ad when Christ announced His commission by quoting from the Scroll of Isaiah in His home town synagogue at the 30th Jubilee. It will have lasted for 490 years, but was halted in 62ad, after only five weeks[35 years] to introduce this present Administration of God's Grace 1960 years[40 Jubilees]. The Jubilee periods, each lasting 49 years, have continued despite the Spiritual blindness of the Jews, such that the 30th has become the 70th which passed by in 1987ad.

We would expect the remaining two weeks[14 years] of the first 7 weeks[49 years] to introduce the full conditions of the Kingdom in Israel, thus answering the disciples question Lord, wilt thou at this time restore the Kingdom to Israel? Christ could not answer them directly because of this hidden, impending Administration of His Grace, so He explained to them: It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which The Father has put in His own power. These were the eleven disciples to whom He spoke directly. We of this Administration, have the authority of His Word which by study reveals the time of restoration.

The re-ntroduction of the flow of the remaining Last Days, re-commencing in 2022ad, 1960 years after their closure in 62ad, will lead in 14 years to the 71st Jubilee [This would have been the 31st Jubilee had God not deprived the Jews of their Spiritual understanding and had not revealed and introduced this present Administration of His Grace]. At the time of the 71st Jubilee the command will go forth to restore and build Jerusalem, as stated by Daniel. See here.

The 71st Jubilee will be celebrated in 2036ad, fourteen years after the re-introduction of the Last Days period and seven years after the realisation of the Hope of all people who have accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, by His Life and Manifestation [Colossians 3:4].


The present Period of The Administration of God's Grace has been inserted in the latter part of the prophetic period of Daniel's 70 weeks of years. It is clear from the Scripture that the opportunity arose because The Jews were not ready for the introduction of The Kingdom in Israel. In 62ad therefore the Spiritual understanding of The Jews was removed from them by God, following which, The Gospel of Salvation was opened to all The Nations by the introduction of John's Gospel:

'And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.'    JOH 20:30 

Thus, the Kingdom in Israel is held in abeyance until the conclusion of the present Administration in 2029ad.


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