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1.  Each period is divisible by 7 which indicates an authentic timing based upon Shemittahs.

2.  The first period of 546 years has been determined by 

[a] The Jewish records are mostly accurate, and their present day Sabbatic Years are synchronic with those of Scripture.

[b] Jewish archives record that the burnings of The Temple at the end of Zedekiah's reign occurred in the year after a Sabbatic Year, on the 9th of Ab, and

[c] on a Friday at the Priestly course of Jehoiarib.

[d] The identical circumstances marked the burning of the Temple in 70ad. This provides four sequences by which to verify the years separating the two events,

[e] to which can be added a further check from eclipse cycles. Only a space of 546 years meets all these requirements.

This is the work of Mr. Maurice Lloyd.

3.  The second period of 1953 years is based upon the Jubilee years of The House of Judah, the Jews. The Kingdom of God in Israel, would have been established at the time of the 31st Jubilee, had the people been ready for it. In 62ad[Acts 28:28], because God judged them to be unready, He took from them their Spiritual sight and hearing., their understanding. Thus a new Administration was introduced to the whole world, that of God's Grace in which Salvation is open to all men. Shortly, just before the time of the 71st Jubilee in 2036ad, Spiritual sight and hearing will be returned to The House of Judah.  This time of God's silence towards the Jews will have lasted 1960years.

4.  The supporting arguments for the period and factors of 1953 are this page

5.  The destruction of Herod's Temple in 69-70ad, accepted by Christ as His Father's House, was not an act of God, indicated by the figure 13 in the factors of 546. The Messiah stated 'not one stone will be left upon another that shall not be thrown down'.  However, the foundation stones, the present 'wailing wall', remain to be destroyed at the later time of 2022ad.

6.  The addition of these two periods, 2499 years, has the remarkable factors of: 49 x 3 x 17.    49 indicates the Jubilee spans. 3 indicates the completeness of the matter, which therefore indicates the probable construction of the Ezekiel Temple following the destruction of whatever residual antichristian edifice occupies the site at 2022ad. 17 is the addition of 10 and 7...The union of Spiritual Perfection with Ordinal Perfection. In other words: The Perfection of Spiritual Order.

7.  At this present time, in the very early 21st century, we live in the knowledge of The Administration of God's Grace. The knowledge of this period was hidden in God until revealed by the Apostle Paul in 65ad. Prior to that date, it was unknown even amongst the heavenly beings.

The Christians who were generated during the Ministry of Christ and The Apostles [during The Acts Period] were expecting God to have intervened by the time of the 30th Jubilee in 76ad. At that time, it would have been 49 years or one Jubilee from the commencement of Christ's ministry in 27ad.

After much consideration, it is probable that this Administration of God's Grace will continue for 1960years, i.e. 40 Jubilees of 49 years. These figures speak for themselves, particularly when we recognise that this period is immediately followed by the 70th Jubilee, a significant number.

The uniting of the twelve tribes of Israel and the initation of the Kingdom in Israel in answer to the Apostles question [Acts 1:6] would have taken place at the time of the 30th Jubilee in 76ad had this present Administration not intervened. The time when the Kingdom is restored to Israel at the coming 70th Jubilee in 2036ad, will therefore see many remarkable changes in God's relationship with those that are His, and indeed with mankind, not the least of which will be the constuction of the prophetically specified New Temple in Jerusalem.

George Morris June 2006

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