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In order to gain a new insight concerning the time and purpose of these seventy weeks, we have dared to attempt a new translation of Gabriel’s statement and have been surprised to find that in at least two places the information given in Gesenius, the authorative Hebrew/Chaldee Lexicon, has lead to a new interpretation.

1.  When and by whom do these weeks begin and end?

Gabriel revealed six conditions which were to be determined upon Daniel’s people and upon his holy city during this period of Seventy Weeks, i.e. 490 years:

1. To finish [restrain] transgression

2. To put an end to sin

3. To atone for wickedness,

4. To bring in everlasting righteousness

5. To seal up vision and prophesy

6. To anoint the most holy.

This will be the result of God’s work upon Jerusalem and the House of Judah, the Jews, at the end of the 490 years. This is the necessary preparation for His intervention at the Second Advent, when He will be personally present to rule Israel and the world.

This work of God is based upon the commission of The Lord Jesus Christ which He announced at the beginning of His ministry [Luke 4:16-21]. It took place in the synagogue of His home town Nazareth, on the occasion of Israel’s 30th Jubilee in 27ad when Jesus Christ was 30 years old.

The Spirit of The Lord is upon me

1. Because He has anointed me

2. To preach good news to the poor

3. He has commissioned me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

4. And recovery of sight for the blind

5. To release the oppressed

6. To proclaim the year of The lord’s favour.

This fundamental work of The Christ enables God to fulfil the work ‘determined upon Daniel’s people and his holy city’. It defines the date upon which the work of the 490 years began…….27ad

2.   When does the command concerning Jerusalem go forth ?

Know therefore and understand that from the issuing of the word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem to Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and weeks sixty and two. Again it shall; be built with plaza and ditch even in affliction of the times.    [RED words not in original Hebrew]


This is the literal meaning of the Hebrew/Chaldee words which are related as follows

Know and understand by the commission  the word to restore and to build Jerusalem, even an anointed prince, forty-nine years.

And four-hundred and thirty four years a second time it will be erected to become wide open spaces decided in distress an opportune time.

With this as a base, we now need to add sensible and appropriate English words to complete the sense of the sentence. In the KJV these would be added by the translators acting as interpreters. These translators added the English words: ‘shall be’ before the Hebrew ‘forty-nine years’. This future tense is not in the meaning of the Chaldee. The very distinct break between the 49 years and the 434 years gives us reason to insert the English word ‘after’ in this position.  The Word  [out of the source] takes place after the 49 years..

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The KJV uses the English word ‘from’ applying it to ‘the going forth’, assuming a point of time. This is an error of translation.  Because of this ‘shall be’ is added in English erroneously implying an act in the future. It is however ‘the anointed one’, the source, from whom is ‘The Word’.

To clarify our translation the English word ‘that’ has been added, as in the KJV, after ‘understand’. Also, although not absolutely necessary, following the word Jerusalem, the word ‘by’ will clarify the meaning. For a similar reason the word ‘at’ has been inserted after the word ‘distress’.

Know and understand [that] by the commission, the word to restore and to build Jerusalem [by] even an anointed prince [after] forty-nine years.

And four-hundred and thirty four years a second time it will be erected to become wide open spaces decided in distress [at] an opportune time

To paraphrase these passages:

Gabriel tells Daniel to be intelligent in understanding that The Word to restore and to build Jerusalem will be commissioned by the anointed prince after 49 years. During the following 434 years, for a second time, Jerusalem will be erected with spatial areas, at an opportune but distressful time.

It should be understood that non of the six points of that which is ‘to be determined upon his people and his holy city could be implemented without the work of The Messiah during His first advent. The Messiah’s work did not end at His ascension. It continued with His disciples as Mark tells us: ’The Lord working with them.’ [16:20]   This is the purpose of the first 49 years of  the 70 weeks of years. This work lays a preparatory ground for the introduction of the re-enlightenment of the resurrected twelve tribes of Israel into their land after the Word from the source, the anointed one.

 Please Note:  During the postponement of The Kingdom of Heaven in Israel in 62ad, God introduced the 1960 years of this present Administration of His Grace [Eph 3:2,3] . This is marked on the chart above at five weeks of years after The Messiah was commissioned in Nazarath.

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