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The importance of the Greek prefix epi


You are probably aware that there are two mathematical constants which are fundamental to man's understanding of God's creation. They are:

1.  The relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle is:

circumference divided by diameter = 3.14159 approximately

This figure is represented by the Greek letter pi........p. It is a fundamental universal constant.  It is a figure which cannot change

2.  The series.......e This fundamental number, 2.71828 is the limiting value of the following series expanded to infinity:

[ 1 + (1 divided by n)] to the power of n.    Where 'n' is any number

This number occurs as a vital factor in the statement of many natural phenomena. A chain hanging freely due to its own weight lies on a arc whose equation is written in this form. If an electric condenser discharges through a large resistance, the equation which gives the voltage at any time contains e as a constant. This symbol e was given in honour of the work of the Swiss mathematician, Euler[1707 - 1783]. The extension of the formula when 'n' is infinite is perpetual.

3.  These two fundamental numbers can be combined to give a single number thus:

e / pi

e  divided by p

2.71828 divided by 3.14159 = 0.865256  approximately.

Those of my readers who have studied the Greek of the New Testament will not fail to recognise the similarity between this quotient and the Greek prefix epi[epi], which when prefixing a Greek word gives it a superlative meaning. For instance, The God Head dwells in heaven, or as we might say  'super' heaven [epouranos]. 'epi' is the prefix which in this case is abbreviated to ep before a vowel. In general use, 'heaven' is ouranos. When considering other applications of this prefix, it seems that it relates directly to the activities of God.

You may have read the article entitled:  The Earthpower  ['earthly things' KJV] or in the Greek of the New Testament: ta epigeia[ta epigeia].  If not, click on it at this point and read about the meaning of this prefix in relation to this special Earth-bound Field, where it is defined in Thayer's Lexicon as:

continuance, rest, influence upon or over any person or thing

A person or thing having continuance is PERPETUAL and an influence at rest is a POTENTIAL. In other words :

a perpetual potential.

If this acts upon a person or thing anywhere or at any time, it can be described as a field of influence such as the magnetic field of the earth or an electric field of a motor. We live within this 'field'. We cannot feel it, without knowledge and without understanding we cannot activate it. We as Christians living in this present Administration of God's Grace may know of its existence and may even know how to activate it, but God has indicated that to do so makes us 'enemies of the Cross of Christ'. 

During this present Administration of God's Grace, Christians should be aware of this power, in order that they should not be deceived into using it, or if manifested before them, they should not be influenced by its effects.

The following notes and comments relate to an understanding of this power.

1.   In the example of ta epigeia, the prefix epi indicates that this power is a design of God. Like many of God's designs, man can honour them or abuse them. Before the introduction of this Administration there are examples of both, which can be seen in the following applications:

a.  The magicians of Egypt. [Exodus 8:16-19]

b.  Elymas before Sergius Paulus. [Acts 13: 6-12]

c.  The wise men following the star. [Matthew 2: 1-12]

The magi of Egypt opposed Moses, as did the Magician Elymas oppose the apostle Paul. But the honourable magi who sought the coming King of Israel, honoured him with gifts acknowledging the work He was to do. Thus the users of ta epigeia could honour or dishonour God according to their righteous or unrighteous mind.

2. There is a very obvious relationship between the earth[geia] and p. The diameter of the Earth is given by dividing the circumference by p. There is another relationship which is the basis of Universal Harmonics.

Straight and Curved Line Geometry.....The Globe and The Disc.

By choosing a single unit of universal measure, we are able to convert directly from units of length to geometric angles, and back again. Taking the Earth as a Globe we understand that its circumference is 21600 minutes of arc[or nautical miles] and that it has a diameter of 6875.493 minutes of arc. In this principle it is recognised that every Globe has an equivalent Disc related to it.  The best way to perceive this equivalence is to liken it to a Globe that has been pressed flat. The flattened Disc will be greater in diameter than the original Globe. 

We are interested in the different circumferences of the Globe and Disc, as well as their differences in diameter.

So let D = the Diameter of the Globe, and C = its Circumference

Also let d = the diameter of the disc, and c = its circumference.

Then:   The circumference = p x diameter         C divided by p = D

                                                                            and    c divided by p = d

c = p x d   and C = p x D.     Let d = C divided by 2      Then   c divided by p = C divided by 2

Therefore                                                        c = p divided by 2 x C


The figure for this Circumferential length, 33929.2,  is the reciprocal of 2 x the Speed of Light Harmonic:

1 divided by 33929.2  =  .0000288   or  288.


The circumference of the Earth is 25,000 statute miles. If this figure is divided by 360 degrees to find the number of miles in one degree, we get 69.444. The reciprocal of this number is exactly the value of the speed of light harmonic:

1 divided by 69.444  =  0.0144  or  144

Thus it is shown that p is intimately related to the speed of light harmonic.

3.   The value of e is 2.7182818. Is this figure also related to the speed of light harmonic ?  

Divide  by  p.      2.7182818 divided by 3.14159  =  0.8652567   

now 0.8652567 divided by  3  =  0.2884189    or      288  =  2 x the speed of light harmonic

The Speed of Light  =  144,000 miles per second, therefore both  e  and  p are directly related to it. 

Such a 'coincidence' as this, connecting the scripture Greek  epi through the universal symbols for  e  and p  to the speed of light harmonic, cannot be ignored.

4.  There is another part of epi which may indicate a relationship with this manifestation. In Engineering Science the ' i '  symbolises inertia which is defined as 'The property of matter by which it continues in an existing state of rest or motion unless acted upon by an external force'. From this definition it can be understood that the  i  indicates that the 'perpetual potential field' of the Earth has Inertia which is released when an object in this field is acted upon by an external force. 

5.   We would repeat words from page 74 of the book: 'Harmonic 288' by the New Zealand researcher Bruce Cathie:

With regard to the recent 'origin' of the Earth wide manifestation of occult effects, perhaps we should look no further than the closed circle of the government of the German Third Reich because the Germans are not to be left out in the exploration of the energy fields within the earth,, They are known to be far reaching in the realms of science and not afraid to explore, or put into practice, concepts which to most western scientists appear fantastic. The 'buzz bombs', V2 rockets and jet aircraft (vertical lift--off flying disc aircraft also. gtm) developed during WW2 are direct proof of this. 

A book written by Siegfried Wittman was published in Innsbruck, Austria in 1952. It was titled 'Die Welt Der Geheimen Machte', or 'The World of The Secret Forces'.

An unusual number of people were involved in the research that went into the subject matter of this book,, The group formed an impressive mixture of professional minds to be focused upon one project: Dr. Will Schlosser, Prof. Helmut Wolff, Hans-Wilhelm Smolik, Heinrich Reblitz, Theodor Weiman, Herbert A. Lohlein, Ferdinand Reich, University Prof. Dr.Hubert J. Urban, Dir., Prof. Dr. K.Saller, Prof. Dr. George Anschutz, Prof. Dr. Theol and Adolf Koberle.

After extensive research they came to the conclusion that the earth has upon its surface a grid system, in a checkerboard pattern consisting of positive and negative poles. 

The squared pattern, according to them has a centre pole surrounded by eight smaller poles within each section. The squares vary in size from the equator. getting smaller in the direction of the earth's poles. [There is then given details as far as the author knew, of the layout of the 'aerials'  gtm]

Not much more is known to me of the German research effort at this stage [1976] as I have only sighted extracts from the book. One thing does stand out however from the scanty bits of information that I do have: The Germans carried out many of their experiments on latitude 48degrees. What made them select this particular latitude in preference to any other?  Could it be that 48detgrees happens to be 2880 minutes of arc? Have they also discovered that the Harmonic of twice the speed of light is 288? The unified equation derived from this Harmonic cannot be a particular well kept secret.

This band of learned men appears to be aware of a grid complex similar to the one described in the early writings of Bruce Cathie. He makes the comment: 'I would be most interested to be advised of their complete findings ------ particularly if they are now in possession of the knowledge to make use of the energy being radiated by the system'.

6.  Finally, we would point out that this prefix when added to a Greek word indicates that we are dealing with a subject which has originated in God, and is under the direct control of God Himself. God has told us that, amongst many other titles,  He is LIGHT. We have seen above that this prefix  epi  is directly related to, and dependent upon LIGHT.  To use any such facility against the purposes of God, incurs judgement, as Paul, His apostle has told us in relation to this, His present Administration:

Many walk of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, they are the enemies of the Cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose Glory is their shame, who mind earthly things [ta epigeia].

Harmonics   Producing harmony:

Music.                  Pertaining to a tone whose rate of vibration is an exact multiple of a given primary tone.

Mathematical.    Derived from, or originally suggested by, the numerical relations between the vibrations of the musical  harmonies, or overtones of the same fundamental tone. Harmonic functions.  

Physics               Any component of a periodic quantity, which is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency.


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