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This Web Site is dedicated to diligent study and research into the breadth of The Word of Truth, i.e. Christian and Hebrew Scriptures. It is not constrained by Misconceived Orthodox, Conventional, or Sectarian attitudes and beliefs. It is Evangelical, but free from its restrictive practices. It recognizes the systematizing of erroneous beliefs and willingly accepts the present Work of The Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Its Main purposes are:

The MAGI discovered in the Mazaroth the importance of the Star which was Christ's, the King of The Jews Moses worshipped and trusted God. Received and applied God's order for Israel Paul worshiped and obeyed God. Lived through persecution and revealed God's purposes for all nations

The True MAGI..........The Prophet MOSES........The Apostle PAUL

The record of these God honouring men is revealed in The Word of Truth, the Christian Bible. This book contains the revelation of God's purposes and directs us to the meaning of True LIFE of God, itself. All who give honour to this WORD, God honours with understanding. Understanding which arises from this mind, does not reflect that which is engineered by the intellect of man. For this reason, the solution of the 'Alien' / planetary artefact/UFO problem given below will be seen to differ from the erroneous desire of many researchers, that of an Alien Salvation of the World's problems.

A very long time ago, after the rebellious attitude of  mankind was known, a MAN was born whom his mother believed to be the saviour of the world. He rebelled against the purposes of God, hiding from His presence, departed to live on Earth's companion. Eventually, with his family and slaves, by the aid of Superior Beings, he built an empire amongst the planets. He ruled over mankind for many hundreds of years, until a planetary catastrophe destroyed him and his empire. 

However, many of his family survived and tried to re-establish his authority, without apparent success. The Superior Beings continued to teach and support this family by many secret procedures, including means of communication, interplanetary travel, methods of control and devices of power. Eventually planetary control faded, but remained systematically channelled on earth. And so it is at present. 

The story of the founding of this empire is told here.

However, an ancient nation, in the place and likeness of the family is to-day supported by the same Superior Beings. It has gradually, through these many secret devices, developed man's sciences in order to re-establish the planetary empire and pre-empt God's promised purposes. These things are happening before our eyes, but it seems that only the mentally courageous and discerning understand. Hybrids are made and given demonic life in order to control by deceit. Interplanetary travel between colonies is re-established and in order to support this new planetary empire, a New World Order is being formed. Centralised world government is needed and mankind is stealthily educated to receive it. 

The identity of these present day empire builders will be told here

We have been introduced to the false concept of the superiority of hybrid or 'Alien' authority, and are being educated to submit to this falsity. The question remains: 

By what means will this New World Order be imposed ?

The Christian Scriptures describe the principle upon which this action will be based. The Apostle Paul gives the opening sequence of the twenty-one statements concerning The Last Days, comparing this process to that which The Evil Magi of the Pharaoh of Egypt in 1491bc, withstood the Godly actions of Moses and Aaron, the Prophet and High Priest of God's people, Israel.

Men and Women will be 'ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of The Truth' so, as the Evil Magi of Egypt 'withstood Moses, so do these also resist The Truth' people 'of corrupt minds reprobate concerning The Faith'. 

The purpose of The Pharaoh's resistance was to keep the Children of Israel in Slavery. God's demand upon him was: 'Let My People Go'. This well known story of the confrontation between Pharaoh and Moses depended upon the outcome between their authorities. The Signs that were displayed through Moses depended upon the miraculous power of God Himself. These signs were counterfeited through The Earth Power [Gk: ta epigeia] by The Evil Magi in an attempt to prove the superiority of the authority of Egypt.

The World authorities will seek to fully establish Their New World Order in a counterfeit confrontation with God, when He manifests and establishes His New Order....The Kingdom of God. 

This confrontation will affect the minds of all mankind.

Here are the details.

However, God will not be thwarted in His purposes. When these deceits begin to mature, He has promised to intervene, telling us that 'they shall proceed no further'. His own plan has been made available and will be fulfilled. His government will be established amongst mankind.

God will Intervene.

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