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Those of us who have been gifted with The Salvation of The Lord Jesus Christ have God’s confirmation and guarantee by the intimate and constant presence of His Spirit. As the apostle Paul tells us: The Spirit Himself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the generation of God [Rom 8:16]  ’generation’ as in a constant flowing power source. God has opened the flow of His intelligence for us to receive on the basis of the knowledge gained through His Word. His enlightenment is the basis of the course of our life.

This very intimate relationship must first be recognised before it is exercised. When practiced patiently with prayer and supplication the opinions of academicians will then cease to have any prominence in the process of understanding the mind of God.

Although I have previously described the steps in my understanding of the progressive development of the apostle Paul’s doctrine, described in his two sets of seven letters written to both individuals and churches, I must now expand those steps relating them to the time spans described in the Apocalypse of Week found in the inspired Book of Enoch .

Those Christians whose minds are limited and rigidly associated only with the sixty-six books of our present Scriptures will have the need to give serious consideration to the inclusion of the Book of Enoch for the following reasons:

1.   In this book, Enoch himself confirms that he is in the seventh generation from Adam. He cannot therefore be confused with the son of Cain who was given the same name. [see leaflet By Grace No: 11. Introduction to The Book of Enoch]

2.   There is no record of Enoch’s death. ‘He walked with God and was not, for God took him at the age of 365 years’. The writer to the Hebrews tells us that this was done in order that he should not see death [Heb 11:5]

3.   Although there is only one acknowledged quotation from the Book of Enoch, that of Jude, many of the other inspired writers of Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, have recorded Enoch’s words, 268 times in fact!

4.   From the analysis of item 3 above, it is clearly understood that the inspired writers of both the Old and New Testaments naturally accepted that the Hebrew and Greek original texts of The Scriptures are inspired by God. This is contrary to the modern criticism of Academe which suggests that it was written by a number of authors early in the Millennia following the writing of the New Testament Scriptures.

5.   The Bible scholar R.H.Charles is the translator and interpreter of the Greek fragments of Enoch’s record [ISBN 1.56459.523-1]. He tells us that the latter part, including the three dream visions, is substantially accurate and reliable. The first part is unreliable and is often in conflict with the Genesis record. This study is concerned only with the Third Dream vision, The Apocalypse of Weeks, beginning at chapter XCI vse.12.

6.    Enoch’s opening words: ‘Enoch, a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of The Holy One in the heavens revealed by the angels, and from them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is to come’. [Enoch ch.1 v2]


Here is an example of the results achieved by dependence upon the leading of The Holy Spirit alone:

The writer has been led to discover the timing of God’s activity from the Creation of the Heaven and the Earth [Genesis ch.1:1] to The New Heavens and The New Earth [Revelation ch.21:1]. However this could never have been achieved without he firstly    recognised the apostle Paul’s revelation of the present Administration of God’s Grace [Ephesians ch.3].

The following sequence is therefore that in which the understanding occurred:

1.  Understanding the present Administration of God’s Grace.

2.  Recognition of the importance of the meaning of numbers in God’s Word, particularly the research of Dr.S.E.Jones and Dr.E.W.Bullinger.

3.  Recognition of the 49 year period used by God, not only for the celebration of every Jubilee in Israel, but also as an important turning point defined as seven heptads or seven time spans of seven years.

4.  Acceptance of the meaning of the number 40: probation, trial and chastisement. when applied to periods of time used in God’s Word, particularly that of the present time of the Spiritual blindness of The House of Judah.

5.  From the importance of 3. and 4. above, accepting the probability that 49 periods of 40 years of trial and chastisement would indicate the end of God’s imposition of Spiritual blindness upon the House of Judah which began in 62ad [Acts 28:27]. This long period of 1960 years would therefore end in 2022ad when Isaiah’s prophecy is fulfilled.[See ch.35:4-6].

6.  Study of The Book of Enoch translated by R.H.Charles, particularly study of the ten week dream vision of The Apocalypse of Weeks, had established the conviction that, in its original Hebrew language, it must be God breathed. The ten weeks begin when Adam becomes subject to death and the ages of the Patriarchs are recorded.

7.  It was recognised, however, that the 1960 year period of the present Administration of  God’s Grace was not included in Enoch’s Apocalypse because it was ‘Hid in God’ until revealed by the apostle Paul in 69ad [Eph ch.3].

8.  The connection between The Apocalypse and known historical events is made at the end of the 6th week when according to the historian Josephus, most of the Temple in Jerusalem was demolished by the occupying power of Rome in 69/70ad.,

9.  Most Bible chronologists, such as Bishop Usser and Dr. Bullinger, have assumed that Adam’s sin occurred in 4004, 4000 years before the birth of Christ. This assumption has been based upon the addition of the patriarch’s ages plus the length of time of important events plus the stated reigns of the kings of both Israel and Judah. However, there is no consistency in their conclusions, particularly in their need to ‘squeeze’ their timings at certain points in order to accommodate the 4000 year period. In Hebrew the word for ‘seven’ defines a week of time, days, weeks or years. An Enochian week spans 700 years. The Temple destruction in 69/70ad occurs at the end of the sixth week, i.e. 4200 years from the sin of Adam in 4132bc

10.  Enoch was the first to record God’s Word. Moses would have written his Pentateuch in the light of this. The creation week of  seven days would therefore have covered a period of 700 years, a pre Adamic week making the complete period from the time when the earth became null and void to the Temple destruction in 69/70ad as 4900 years.

11.  We know now that the remaining four Enochian weeks were not complete, needing the addition of the 1960 years of the present Administration of Grace. This period from the Temple destruction to The new heavens and the New Earth would therefore be [4 x 700] + 1960 years = 4760 years. 140 years short of another 4900 years.

12.  If this second total of 4900 years is correct, then another period of God’s activity lasting just 140 years must have been hidden from Enoch. Another hidden Administration introduced for a specific purpose. Did Paul, or any of the other apostles,  reveal such an Administration which could be truthfully added either before or after the last four Enochian weeks ?..........Yes !  Appropriately named: The Administration of The Completeness of Times  referred to in Paul’s letter to the ’Ephesians’ chapter 1 verse 10. This Administration unites all things in Christ, both in heaven and on earth.

13.  From this, it was recognised that this 9800 year History of God’s activity recorded in The Christian Scriptures was divided into two equal parts by the Roman destruction of The Jerusalem Temple.

14.  The patriarch Jacob’s life span was 147 years, i.e. three periods of 49 years. The last 17 years were spent in Egypt with all his family. These 17 years were the last days of his life and significantly point to the Last Days of The children of Israel. [Details of this understanding can be found in the leaflet: By Grace No: 5]. Was there any meaning associated with three periods of 49 years? Did this hint at a time span for the period between the creation of the Heavens and the Earth and the Earth’s condition becoming without form and void? Solomon tells us that ‘The former things shall not come to mind’ [Ecc1:9-11] thereby indicating activities which cannot be traced. These activities could not be those prior to the Universal Flood in Noah’s time, because of the seven chapter record in Genesis. This former period, probably lasting 4900 years was the period in which The Adversary and a third of God’s sons rebelled. The purposes of God during this period are only hinted at in The Bible. What can be gleaned has been recorded in the By Grace leaflets Nos: 73 and 91. It therefore seems reasonable to accept that God’s activities which are running during this present creation of the earth, spans a grand period of 14,700 years, [i.e. 3 x 4,900]



 This work of The Holy Spirit is the result of Paul’s prayer for all Christians during this present Administration of God’s Grace:

 That The God of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Father of glory, may give unto you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him: the eyes of your understanding being enlightened. [Eph 1:17]

Because this activity of God is secret and untraceable [Eph 3:8], It should not be confused with the demonstrable gifts of The Spirit given to Israel for the building up of their kingdom during the previous Administration of God recorded in the Acts of The Apostles.


The panoramic charting, which is the result of these revelations, shows the following important details. [see By Grace No: 93] 

A.  God’s creation of The Heaven and The Earth occurred in the year 9732bc

B.  The Earth became null and void in the year 4832bc

C.  The disobedience of Adam occurred in the year 4132bc

D.  The Temple destruction by the Romans occurred in the year 69/70ad

E.   The present Administration of God’s Grace began in 62ad

F.   The Administration of God’s Grace will end in 2022ad

G.   The Kingdom of Heaven in Israel will be established in 2036ad

H.   The Second Advent of The Lord Jesus Christ is around the year 2484ad

I.    The new Heavens and the New Earth will be introduced in the year 4969ad


Further details are shown on the following charts with explanations of the dating: 

By Grace No: 78  In The Beginning 9732bc to 4132bc.

By Grace No: 73  Events Leading to The Day of God, 4132bc to 4bc.

By Grace No: 93  The panorama of Scriptural Events 4bc to 4969ad


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