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69ad to 2036ad

From the flow of mans activity described in the previous article, God records that between 62ad and 2022ad, He has established five different relationships with mankind. Each one is as follows:

T The seventy nations of the world defined by God in Gen 10:32. whose worship is idolatrous   [Gal 5:18-21]

Amongst the Whole 12 Tribes of Israel:

P Ten tribes of The House of Ephraim-Israel, the rebellious ten tribes who are scattered in the world following their captivity by Assyria and Hosea’s edict that  as from 774bc God does not regard them as His People. [Hos 1:9]

O Two tribes of The House of Judah-Israel who occupied Palestine but rejected their King and His Kingdom are now Spiritually blind, lacking Spiritual understanding, also scattered in the world. [Acts 28:27].

From Israel and the nations, Christians who are saved and established in Christ by His atoning death upon the cross:

S A multitude who have a calling and positioning out of Jesus Christ who look to the realisation of their eternal life being raised with Him and changed, as their Lord. [1Thess 4:13-18]

L A number who have recognised and obeyed The Calling Above where Christ is seated in The Rights of God. [Phil 3:14, Eph 1:18]

All the sons of Adam are included in these categories no matter where they are, on the earth, under the earth or amongst the planets. All of their lives will come under God’s assessment at one future time or another. That assessment will either result in blessing according to their category, or condemnation according to their rebellion against God. These assessments will shortly commence after resurrections beginning in 2022ad and immediately prior to the introduction of God’s Kingdom in Israel. The events during the TRANSITION between 2022ad and 2029ad are described here.


B THE KINGDOM OF THE HEAVENS is the subject of Christ’s teaching in the Gospel of Matthew concerning the mediatory rule by King David and the angels. Towards its close THE SEVEN CHURCHES IN ASIA which record an increasing deterioration in their faith, describe the condition of those Christians, being outside the Land of Israel, in whom is formed a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ at the time prior to The Great Tribulation.

C The Kingdom of God during which God rules from Heaven through mediators, not being present on earth Himself. [Isa 66:1]

D The Last Days of the tribes of Israel which were postponed in 62ad, now recommence in 2022ad prior to the establishment of their kingdom under David in their Land.

E The seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel upon His people and His Holy city recommence, ‘on his Holy City’ seven years after ‘upon His people’ to follow on from the time of their postponement in 62ad and 69/70ad respectively.

I The Evil Day [Eph 6;13] at the conclusion of the present Administration of Grace [Eph 3:1-3] a year long testing immediately prior to the realisation of the Hope of all those who are called during that Administration [Col 3:4. Eph 5:14]

J The Day of Jesus Christ The Christians generated during the work of Christ and His apostles ending in 62ad, will be resurrected [1Cor 1:8, 5:5. Phil 1:6 & 1:10. 2:16.] for The Judgement Seat of Christ. The works of  Christians generated during The Admin of God’s Grace will be assessed [Col 3:24]

K The Hope of all those Christians who have lived through the Administration of The Grace of God [Eph 3:5:14] when Christ appears manifesting the knowledge of Himself in all men. [Col 3:4. Eph 5:14]

L The Calling Above. [Phil 3:14] Achieved by the apostle Paul during his traumatic struggle to understand and receive a total identity with His Lord Jesus Christ. [Phil 3:10] Paul wishes that all Christians in the Administration of God’s Grace may realise this calling. [Eph 1:17-18. Eph 4:1,4]

M The Gathering of the twelve tribes of Israel The number of The House of Israel shall be as the sands of the sea which cannot be measured. It shall be said unto them: ‘ye are the sons of the Living God. Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be gathered together and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up out of the earth; for great shall be the Day of Jezreel. [Hos 1:10. Ezk 37].

N The resurrected King David takes the throne of Israel [Eze 37:24 etc.]whilst the resurrected King Nebuchadnezzar takes the throne of the world to rule over ‘wheresoever the children of men dwell‘. [Dan 2:38]  The events concerning Israel, the surrounding nations, the world order and the seven churches are recorded in ’The last Days’, ’Daniel’s 70weeks prophecy’ and the apostle John’s Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

O  The Spiritual blindness imposed upon The living Jews at the time of Paul’s meeting with them in Rome in 62ad [Acts 28:27] now comes to an end in preparation for the period of resurrection and unification. The Evil One’s activity at this point will reach a crescendo when demonic activity ‘comes in like a flood’ [Isa 59:19] to attempt to oppose and persuade all men that his New World Order is ‘the way’.

P The Resurrection of Ephraim-Israel precedes their reinstatement by their Messiah as ‘YOU ARE  MY PEOPLE’ in 2027ad after 2800 years. This prepares for the unification of all the tribes of Israel. Herein is the fulfilment of the apostles question to Christ at the time of His taking up into heaven: ‘Lord wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?’ Despite the deceptive condition of Zionism  in the Land of Israel during the present day, The House of Ephraim-Israel will have remained in subjection to other world powers from 758bc until 2029ad. See here

R This is a wonderful time of resurrections. All those Christians of the Acts period who were eagerly looking forward to the imminent restoration of their kingdom [see BY GRACE No: 85] and would have been frustrated by God’s act of Spiritual blindness upon the Jews postponing the Kingdom in Israel, would now again be alive to experience fulfilment of their wish to see the kingdom restored. They face the Judgement Seat of Christ.

S Those Christians of The Local Church Calling [1Tim 6:12, 2Tim 1:9] during the Administration of God’s Grace have their hope expressed in the future presence of Christ upon earth. [Titus 2:13, 1Tim 6:14, 2Tim 4:1 & 8].

T The Nations. Following the enlightenment of all men in 2029ad by the manifestation of The Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrected King Nebuchadnezzar becomes their ruler and thereby requires each and every nation to give honour and support to the newly established Kingdom of Israel under their King David.

V  The message of Salvation was commissioned for the nations. To fulfil this, John’s Gospel was written for the following purpose: that they should believe that Jesus is The Christ, The Son of God and believing that, they might have Life in His name [John 20:31].It was quickly and widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean States.

X  The present Administration of God’s Grace revealed by Paul, the apostle to the nations, began in 62ad and will end shortly after 1960 years in 2022ad. Most Christians do not recognise its existence, nor its power, preferring to wrongly divide God’s Word by assuming the order of the Administration of God’s Kingdom in Israel.[Eph 3:1-12] See here [See By Grace No: 27]

Z Enoch wrote his record of events in the original language of the pre-flood patriarchs. As far as is known, no such record is available to-day. When God was first present upon earth with his disciples, this book was accepted as God inspired.  See here.[By Grace No: 23, 24]

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