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These events occurred during the years following the birth of The Lord Jesus Christ in 4bc, towards the end of the first century AD.

The most important event which deeply affects many human lives is the death and resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ. This action of God has repaired the damage to the relationship between Him and all humankind which was introduced by the disobedience of Adam, their physical father.

Those humans that accept the atoning work of Jesus Christ are given the Spirit, or intelligence, of God as a teacher. They are thus enabled to understand and apply what He teaches in and through His Word. Unfortunately many do not take advantage of this Godly facility, preferring to receive the principles and ideas taught by the academies of this world order which offer such diabolical constructs as ‘evolution’, ‘self reliance’ and ’distorted religion’. To learn from and listen to ’the still small voice’  is an exercise outside the humility and patience of many Christians. Consequently the teaching of many churches has become sterile and non-progressive depending upon a dearth of dialectic, depending upon a control through specified doctrines based only upon the ‘moralistic’ likeness to God.  As worthy as this likeness is, its fullness cannot be realised without a correct and developed understanding of both Good and Evil [Heb 5:8-14] Therein lies Christian maturity.

The interrelationship of God’s prophetic statements contained in this series are not hindered by a lack of understanding of the principles of Biblical Gematria nor by the limits set by the Inspired and neglected Book of Enoch. Besides these, the study is based upon an understanding of Biblical Greek and Hebrew through the constant use of Concordances and Lexicons.


U     In 27ad, after announcing His commission  in the Nazareth synagogue, Jesus Christ proclaimed the coming of The Kingdom of God in Israel. After His resurrection He continued this work with His apostles by establishing many Israelites and a few Gentiles as ones called out and positioned out of Himself, the ‘church'  of dedicated believers.   This was all achieved whilst they were a subject state of the Roman Empire.

D  The Last Days are those terminating the days during which the maturity of The Tribes of Israel would reach the fullness of God’s plan when He establishes His unique kingdom over all the earth. It runs from the birth of Jacob in 2024bc    to the symbolic act of God when ‘the stone cut out without hands’ fills the whole earth [Dan 2:34-35] in 2477ad.   A total of 4500years exactly. This represents the days of Jacob, 147years, The Last Days of Jacob i.e.17years, are therefore the Last Days of Israel…..520years. [see Genesis 47:28 and BY GRACE No:5]

Daniel is told by Gabriel the Archangel that seventy weeks are determined upon his people, the Jews(1) and seventy weeks upon his Holy City Jerusalem(2) It defines the time when King David will again rule Israel and the conditions pertaining at that time. Firstly however there is a period of 49 years when six conditions are established [Luke 4:18] in order to fulfil the six conditions of this prophecy [Dan 9:24] which bring about the maturity of the whole of Israel. The three and a half years work of Jesus Christ lays the foundation for this whole period.

After the rebellion of the ten tribes of Israel under the tribe of Ephraim, both they and the two tribes of Judah were taken into captivity by Assyria and Babylon respectively. Later when rreleased the tribes of Judah returned to The Land of Israel, but the ten tribes of Ephraim-Israel were ’scattered in the world’ and were told by God in 774bc that ’You are not my people’. This condition prevails throughout the time spanned by this chart.

L During the early stages of the new Mystery Administration of God’s Grace, Paul recognises, in Christ’s ascension unto the Father, his own need to put aside all that which was important to him as an earthly authority in Israel, to reach out for a higher resurrection which would result in total identity with His Lord and Saviour when seated with Him in The Rights of The Father [Phil ch.3]. When he had achieved this, his prayer for all Christians encourages them to follow him [Eph 1:17, Col 1:9] to be seated in The Rights of God [Eph 2:6-7] by recognising their heavenly calling [Phil 3:14]

The Jews, The House of Judah, are unable to discern the Truth unless they seek and receive the Messiah, Their True Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  They have been, and are, subject to a long period of probation, trial and chastisement.

The churches which had been generated and empowered by The Spirit of God for Kingdom purposes now found themselves without the intimate guidance of God’s Spirit, particularly His gifts, such that Paul had to give both Titus and Timothy new instructions concerning their order. which together with his encouragement of the Philippians, is the message to the churches to-day….Mark those things which ‘carry through’. [Gk: Phil 1:10] The events during this TRANSITION between 62ad and 69ad are described in leaflet By Grace No: 88.

 God’s record states that there are seventy Gentile nations upon earth. [Gen 10:32]. whose worship is idolatrous [1Cor 12:2, Rom1:28-32]. Christians are constantly warned to avoid any association with such practices [Gal 5:18-21, Eph 5:5]  For them, Salvation could only be found amongst the tribes of Israel by The Law and by Israel’s Messiah s after 30ad.

The conditions described on the preceding page would have very quickly resulted in the establishment, a few years later in 76ad, of the manifest Kingdom of God in Israel, reigned over by the resurrected King David. [see BY GRACE No: 85]

However, God intervened in 62ad by postponing the introduction of The Kingdom of God in Israel when he condemned the Jews for having indifferent hearts, sluggish ears and closed eyes not willing to understand, be converted and healed. This resulted in the Jews being Spiritually blind and deaf. [Act 28:23-27]  as they continue to this day in the 21st Millennium. This resulted in the following unexpected changes:

 V  The message of Salvation was commissioned for the nations. To fulfil this, John’s Gospel was written for the following purpose: that they should believe that Jesus is The Christ, The Son of God and believing that, they might have Life in His name [John 20:31].It was quickly and widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean States. The Heavenly Calling can be the hope of all those living during the present Administration of God’s Grace revealed by Paul, the apostle to the nations, began in 62ad and will end shortly after 1960 years in 2022ad. Most Christians do not recognise its existence, nor its power, preferring to wrongly divide God’s Word by assuming the order of the Administration of God’s Kingdom in Israel.   [Eph 3:1-12][See By Grace No: 27]

Enoch would have written his record of events in the original language of the pre-flood patriarchs. As far as is known, no such record is available today. When God was first present upon earth with his disciples, this book was accepted as God inspired.  The proof of this lies in the fact that there are abundant quotations from this record in both the Old and New Testaments. To-day Greek fragments of the Septuagint version enable scholars to transle English versions, the principle one of which is that by C.H.Charles. It contains a dating from Adam to The Day of God, The Apocalypse of Weeks [By Grace No:22, 23, 24]


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