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Men practicing Sodomy.

'The Mystery of Iniquity'



'Sin crouching at the door'  and unto thee, Cain, shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.   Genesis 4:7.


Cain's desire was 'unto him': Could this have been The original ADAM type for whom the garden was planted,  the ones that Cain used as slaves to build the City named ENOCH ?

Was The original Adam able to reproduce being both male and female in the form of a present day male animal with a womb----access to the womb through the annus ?

[The female human was taken from the form of the original Adam leaving The Adam without the womb and making the female with new access to the womb through the vagina.]

Is this the reason why SODOMY is practiced by the various elements of the organisation which have control of the Western world........those who have supported the principles of religious rebellion against the purposes of God......having assumed control over the state of Israel ?  Those who are determined to seek to 'fulfil' the biblical prophesies of the return of Jesus Christ in order to introduce their own 'Christ' as international leader of the New World Order.


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